Battle Chef Brigade Deliciously Encapsulates the Joys of Food

"Your final set of challenges are issued by Pontida, the owner of a restaurant located in the heart of the city. You’re asked to cook each customer’s dish as quickly as possible whilst ensuring that it features their favourite flavours. Pontida makes it clear that her patrons aren’t looking for experimental gourmet dishes that take hours to prepare. What they want is a meal that won’t break the bank, tastes good, and has been prepared quickly to a high standard."

How Condemned Paved the Way for the Resurgence of Horror Games

Condemned is an unjustly overlooked gem that not only preceded the later FPS horror craze but also outscared most of them. Here is how it was made.

Infatuation: One Man's Love For Virtual World Cups

Why have one World Cup every four years when you can recreate the magic all the time?

If You're a Parent Concerned About Doki Doki Literature Club, Here's an Explainer

If you're a parent concerned about Doki Doki Literature Club, here's an explainer

Pokémon Quest is Out Now on Android and iOS

Pokémon Quest is out now on Android and iOS. It's... alright?

Sable is a stunning tribute to 1980s French comics, and much more besides

Fortnite's v4.5 patch introduces a new playground mode, and sees the triumphant return of shopping trolleys

Buy Low, Sell High: Vivendi's History in Video Games

Buy low, sell high: Vivendi's history in the games industry, and the reasons Ubisoft ran a mile

Pokémon Go's New Trading System Helps Turn Acquaintances Into Friends

Pokémon Go's new trading system helps turn acquaintances into friends

The Dust Has Settled on E3 2018. Was It a Classic?

Just what did the Kotaku UK team think about E3? Read our discussion right here.

Fortnite on Switch is a Beautiful Fit

Fortnite on Switch is a beautiful fit, and it even works pretty well when tethered to a 4G phone

Former President of Sony Online Entertainment Says Playstation's Blocking Cross Play for "Money"

Former president of Sony Online Entertainment says Playstation's blocking cross-platform play because of "money"

Yakuza is Coming to PC

Yakuza is coming to PC

God of War is Getting a New Game Plus Mode

God of War is getting a New Game+ mode

Kotaku UK

Here's a new Hitman 2 trailer showing off Miami and a flamingo suit. Oh, and lots of shanking.

Ooblets got a great new trailer at E3

A Very Short New Trailer for Warframe's next update, The Sacrifice

A very short trailer for Warframe's next update, The Sacrifice

1000-Player Battle Royale Game Mavericks: Proving Grounds Announced

Newly announced battle royale game Mavericks: Proving Grounds promises... wait for it... 1000 players in there

Flavourworks' Jack Attridge on Erica, the Live-Action PS4 Exclusive You Can Control with Your Phone

Flavourworks' Jack Attridge on Erica, the live-action PS4 exclusive you can control with your phone

Ted Dabney and the Untold Atari Story

Ted Dabney and the untold story of Atari

Gotta Go Fast: May's Most Thrilling Speedruns

Gotta Go Fast! Yep, it's the most thrilling speedruns of May, including a new Super Mario Bros. Any% world record, and Link flying over Hyrule attached to a tree.

Quantum Break Is Oddly Compelling

Quantum Break is oddly compelling

The Nintendo UK Store Has New NES Minis Up For Pre-Order

The Nintendo UK stores has new NES minis up for pre-order

It Sucks To Be A Mom In God Of War

In God Of War, moms either give up everything or they die, leaving nothing in their place but a perfect memory

Take My Hand: How We 'Touch' in Virtual Worlds

Take my hand: how we 'touch' in virtual worlds

Dark Souls Remastered Doesn't Reinvent the Wheel, But Polishes and Fixes an Ageing Classic

Dark Souls Remastered is more of clean-up job rather than a remaster, but it's still the best way to enjoy the game on console.

An N64 Star Wars Game Had One Level That Was Ahead of its Time

Who'd have thought that geometry could make a level stand out so much?

Quarantine Circular Asks Humanity to Trust Those They Don't Understand

Quarantine Circular Asks Humanity to Trust Those They Don't Understand

The Xbox Has Quietly Gotten Some Cool Features

The Xbox has quietly gotten some cool features

How To Do Labo On The Cheap

How to do Labo on the cheap

Okami HD on the Switch Finally Has a UK Release Date

If you've been holding out to play Okami HD on Switch, you don't have much longer to wait.

State Of Decay 2: The Kotaku Review

It’s easy to get in over your head in the open-world zombie survival game State of Decay 2.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Is Polished and Fun, But Has Some Baffling Restrictions

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is polished and fun, but the co-op is baffling

The Quiet Adventurers Behind Burly Men at Sea

The quiet adventurers behind Burly Men at Sea

Mario Tennis Aces is Getting a Demo Next Month

There's a demo incoming on 2nd June so you can try out Mario Tennis Aces ahead of its launch

Forgotten Anne shows that memories are often bittersweet

Quiet as a Stone is a world-building game that asks you to embrace impermanence, and capture fleeting moments

Is Rocket League Going Free-to-Play?

Psyonix has announced a Fortnite-style season pass is coming to Rocket League. Does this mean the game is going free-to-play?

New Breath Of The Wild Glitch Lets You Instantly Recharge Rune Powers

A new glitch in Breath of the Wild is going to change the game for speedrunners

Nintendo Plans to "Shock The World" with Splatoon News Days Before E3

Just what could Nintendo have up its sleeve?

They Did That?! Little-Known Games from Big Developers

They did that?! Little-known games from big developers

Is Switch's Online Service a Good Deal?

Is Switch's online service a good deal?

Switch's Paid Online Cloud Saves Won't Support Every Switch Game

The small print of Nintendo's subscription service suggests that we won't be able to back up saves for ALL games. Oh dear...

Virtual Console is Not Coming to Switch, Nintendo Says

Looks like you can say goodbye to your chance of playing your favourite Nintendo classics on Switch

250 Fake Nintendo Games That Don't Exist, But Probably Should

250 fake Nintendo games that don't exist, but probably should

I Hate God of War's Trolls

Over the course of God of War I fought these trolls so many times that I genuinely became angry about it

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